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A case study of coastal aquifers near Richibucto, New Brunswick: Saline groundwater occurrence and potential impacts of climate change on seawater intrusion
Analytical modeling of saltwater intrusion: tests from Nova Scotia and the eastern United States
Climate Change Adaptation Groundwater Management in Atlantic Canada
Managing Groundwater Resources:  Assessing the impact of climate change on salt-water intrusion of coastal aquifers in Atlantic Canada
Projet de la Ville de Richibucto concernant l’invasion d’eau salée
Richibucto Saltwater Intrusion Project/ Projet concernant l’invasion d’eau salée
Saltwater Intrusion Project
Saltwater Intrusion in the City of Summerside and Lennox Island First Nation
Saltwater intrusion and climate change
Simulating the effects of climate change on a coastal aquifer, Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Vulnerability of Nova Scotia's Coastal Groundwater Supplies to Climate Change
Well Drilling - Truro, Nova Scotia

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