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River Flood Risk Study of the Nappan River Incorporating Climate Change
Assessment of Infrastructure Relevant to the Fishing and Aquaculture Industries
Tantramar Dyke Risk Project: The Use of Visualizations to Inspire Action
Coastal Dykelands in the Tantramar Area: Impacts of Climate Change on Dyke Erosion and Flood Risk
LiDAR land cover mapping
Development of an Urban Forest Canopy Model for input into a Lidar-based Storm Water Runoff Model for Halifax Harbour Watersheds
Updating IDF Climate Design Values for the Atlantic Provinces: Final Report
Tantramar Dykelands Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Water Levels Report
Sea-Level Rise Estimates for NB Municipalities: Le Goulet, Saint John, Richibucto, Sackville, Shippagan, Caraquet

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