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Inland Flooding in Atlantic Canada
Projet de la Péninsule acadienne: Rapport de recherche technique équipe "Photogrammétrie et cartographie"
Tantramar Dyke Risk Project: The Use of Visualizations to Inspire Action
Coastal Dykelands in the Tantramar Area: Impacts of Climate Change on Dyke Erosion and Flood Risk
LiDAR land cover mapping
Insurance Issues in Atlantic Canada
Adaptation au changement climatique
Assessment and Test Application of the Community Vulnerability Assessment Tool (CVAT) in Grand Bay-Westfield, NB
Stream Water Temperature Modeling under climate change scenarios
Sea-Level Rise and Flooding Estimates for New Brunswick Coastal Sections
Accompagnement des communautés dans leur adaptation aux changements climatiques (années 2)
Slope Stability, Erosion Assessment, and Adaptation Solutions within the Town of Grand Falls
New Brunswick Climate Change Adaptation Project Profiles
New Brunswick Regional Adaptation Collaborative (RAC) Agricultural Adaptation Strategy for the Tantramar Region

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