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River Flood Risk Study of the Nappan River Incorporating Climate Change
Inland Flooding in Atlantic Canada
Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture - Marshlands Atlas: Cumberland, Kings and Hants County
Developing Climate Change Capacity at the Municipal Level in Nova Scotia Report: Appendix 1 - Municipal Climate Change Action Plan Guidebook
Developing Climate Change Capacity at the Municipal Level in Nova Scotia
Projet de la Péninsule acadienne: Rapport de recherche technique équipe "Photogrammétrie et cartographie"
Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Knowledge Transfer Strategy
Assessment of Infrastructure Relevant to the Fishing and Aquaculture Industries
Visualising Sea-level Rise
Coastal Erosion in Newfoundland
Tantramar Dyke Risk Project: The Use of Visualizations to Inspire Action
Coastal Dykelands in the Tantramar Area: Impacts of Climate Change on Dyke Erosion and Flood Risk
Report from the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (NSTIR) on the ACAS Program
LiDAR land cover mapping
An Evaluation of Flood Risk to Infrastructure Across the Chignecto Isthmus
Insurance Issues in Atlantic Canada
Lidar processing and Flood Risk Mapping for Coastal Areas in the District of Lunenburg, Town and District of Yarmouth, Amherst, Count Cumberland, Wolfville and Windsor
Climate Change Scenarios For Atlantic Canada Utilizing A Statistical Downscaling Model Based On Two Global Climate Models

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