Storm Water Drainage and Flooding Assessment in Stratford


Prince Edward Island is experiencing more heavy rainfall events. Climate change will likely bring more intense rainfall events in the future. The Town of Stratford is developing a new sustainability plan, of which flooding and storm drainage are components. Assessing of flooding and drainage under various climate change scenarios will help the Town prepare for future events which may have impact on its infrastructure and physical assets., Project objectives were to model storm water runoff under current and future climate scenarios, and to provide recommendations on incorporating projected storm water run-off into Stratford's sustainability plan., This project produced an assessment of projected storm water flow in the Town of Stratford., Projected stormwater flows will help the Town of Stratford make decisions regarding the appropriate sizing of stormwater infrastructure., The project partners have names of people attached in brackets after the corporate's name "Town of Stratford (Robert Hughes and Vahid Ghomoshchi) PEI Department of Environment, Labour and Justice (Erin Taylor and Don Jardine) CBCL Limited (Jody MacLeod and Mike Delay)"