Coastal Erosion and Shoreline Classification in Stratford


The Town of Stratford, like many communities in Prince Edward Island, is experiencing erosion. However, rates or erosion have not been routinely monitored. Accurate information on erosion and the vulnerability of coastal areas is needed to enable better coastal planning and to contribute to sustainability goals in Stratford's Sustainable Strategic Plan., The primary objective of this project was to compile all available coastal erosion data for the Town of Stratford. This project also sought to develop a shoreline classification system that would help assess coastal erosion vulnerability in Stratford and across Prince Edward Island., Historical shoreline erosion data from Stratford, the Hillsborough River Watershed and other areas in Prince Edward Island was compiled and summarized in graphs, figures and a report. A shoreline classification scheme is also recommended., The project provides information on shoreline erosion that can help planners and other practitioners (watershed groups, developers) as they plan and manage properties in coastal areas of Stratford.