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Municipality of the District of Lunenburg: A Case Study in Climate Change Adaptation-Part 2 Section 5: Social Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Climat 2100: Préparons-nous!
River Flood Risk Study of the Nappan River Incorporating Climate Change
Se préparer au changement : La gestion du risque lié au changement climatique
Conclusion: Adapting to Climate Change
Climate change: Getting ready
Inland Flooding in Atlantic Canada
Dyke Inventory and Elevation Verification
Acadian Peninsula Coastal Erosion and Sea Level Rise Project/ Projet sur l'érosion et l’élévation du niveau de la mer de la Péninsule acadienne
Flood Risk Mapping for Community Assessment in PEI
Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Climate Change Case Study
Coastal Flooding issues
Nova Scotia Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Project Newsletter - Volume 1
Working with other Sectors
The Shooting Gallery "1939"

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