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River Flood Risk Study of the Nappan River Incorporating Climate Change
Coastal Flooding issues
Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture - Marshlands Atlas: Cumberland, Kings and Hants County
An Evaluation of Flood Risk to Infrastructure Across the Chignecto Isthmus
Lidar processing and Flood Risk Mapping for Coastal Areas in the District of Lunenburg, Town and District of Yarmouth, Amherst, Count Cumberland, Wolfville and Windsor
Hydrotechnical Study of Stephenville Crossing/Black Duck Siding. Volume 3
Hydrodynamic Modelling for Flood Management in Bay of Fundy Dykelands
Nova Scotia Environment on the ACAS program
Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources Report on the Atlantic Regional Adaptation Collaborative Program
Assessing Relative Coastal Vulnerability in a Macrotidal Environment to the Increased Risk of Storm Surges due to Climate Change

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