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Climate Change: Getting ready
Coastal Dykelands in the Tantramar Area: Impacts of Climate Change on Dyke Erosion and Flood Risk
Chapter 4: Drinking water supply and Climate Change
Construction and Analysis of Flood Risk Maps for Select Coastal Communities in Nova Scotia
Adaptation aux changements climatiques : inondation
Report from the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (NSTIR) on the ACAS Program
LiDAR land cover mapping
Geomorphic Shoreline Classification of Prince Edward Island
Bay Roberts Field Work
Adaptation aux changements climatiques : invasion d’eau salée
An Evaluation of Flood Risk to Infrastructure Across the Chignecto Isthmus
Climate change: Getting ready
NB Coastal Flood Mapping and GeoNB
Case Studies
Analysis and Mitigation of Dyke Vulnerability within ACAS Target Community Areas of the Upper Bay of Fundy

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