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Infrastructure at risk in three Acadian Peninsula municipalities
A case study of coastal aquifers near Richibucto, New Brunswick: Saline groundwater occurrence and potential impacts of climate change on seawater intrusion
Projet de la Ville de Grand-Sault
Adaptation aux changements climatiques : Coastal Flooding
Lighthouse at Stratford, PEI
Shoreline Classification in Prince Edward Island
Tantramar Dyke Risk Project: The Use of Visualizations to Inspire Action
ACASA Image Gallery - Front Page
Preparing for Climate 2100 Tools and Strategies for NB communities
Food, floods and farms: Agricultural vulnerability to sea-level rise in New Brunswick’s Tantramar dykelands
Climate Change Adaptation in Communities: Impacts and Solutions
Visualizations and their Role in Communicating the Risk of Coastal Flooding: a Tantramar Case Study
Community Guidebook on Socioeconomic Scenarios

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