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Municipality of the District of Lunenburg: A Case Study in  Climate Change Adaptation- Part 2 Section 4: Incorporating Social Value into Climate Change Adaptation Planning in the Municipality of District of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Municipality of the District of Lunenburg: Municipality Climate Adaptation Case Study Report
Hydrodynamic Modelling for Flood Management in Bay of Fundy Dykelands
Land Investments at Risk: Flooding and Storm Surges
A Relative Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Macrotidal Environments: A Case Study from the Cornwallis River Estuary, Bay of Fundy, Canada
Assessing Relative Coastal Vulnerability in a Macrotidal Environment to the Increased Risk of Storm Surges due to Climate Change
Forecasting Economic Damages from Storm Surge Flooding: A Case Study in the Tantramar Region of New Brunswick
Sea level rise adaptation primer: A toolkit to build adaptive capacity on canada’s south coasts

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