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Simulating the effects of climate change on a coastal aquifer, Summerside, Prince Edward Island
A case study of coastal aquifers near Richibucto, New Brunswick: Saline groundwater occurrence and potential impacts of climate change on seawater intrusion
Saltwater Intrusion in the City of Summerside and Lennox Island First Nation
Development of a GIS Based Approach for the Assessment of Relative Seawater Intrusion Vulnerability in Nova Scotia
Climate Change Adaptation Groundwater Management in Atlantic Canada
Analytical modeling of saltwater intrusion: tests from Nova Scotia and the eastern United States
Saltwater intrusion and climate change
Vulnerability of Nova Scotia's Coastal Groundwater Supplies to Climate Change
Well Drilling - Truro, Nova Scotia
Managing Groundwater Resources:  Assessing the impact of climate change on salt-water intrusion of coastal aquifers in Atlantic Canada

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