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Flood Risk Mapping for Community Assessment in PEI
Community Guidebook on Socioeconomic Scenarios
Municipal Preparedness for Climate Change in Nova Scotia: Evaluating Municipal Capacity to Respond to Climate Change through Adaptation
An Evaluation of Social Vulnerability and Social Assets at Risk to Climate Change Impacts in Three Nova Scotian ACAS Communities
Economic and Demographic Projections for Nova Scotia and Some ACAS Communities
Community Vulnerability Assessment in Prince Edward Island
Climate Scenario Development for ACAS Communities in Nova Scotia
Municipality of the District of Lunenburg: A Case Study in Climate Change Adaptation
Dykelands Infastructure Assessment-Tantramar/ Projet concernant les terres endiguées de Tantramar
Community Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Improving the Effectiveness of Climate Change and Adaptation Visualization Techniques Targeted Towards Decision-Makers and Citizens
Inventory of the Physical Infrastructure at Risk of Flooding due to Climate Change-Induced Sea Level Incursion in Three Nova Scotian ACAS Communities
Yarmouth: A Case Study in Climate Change Adaptation
Assessment of Community Preparedness in ACAS Communities: Public Survey
Pilot Project for the Community Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Climate Change Scenarios for Prince Edward Island Communities
Development of Adaptation Capacity within Nova Scotia's Provincial Departments

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