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Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations ACAS Report
Mapping Coastal Sections using full 3D Digital Laser Scanning Technology to Monitor the Effects of Climate Change
Vulnerability of Nova Scotia's Coastal Groundwater Supplies to Climate Change
Stimulating submarine groundwater discharge in a changing climate, Summerside, PEI
Coastal Erosion and Climate Change
Coastal Erosion in Newfoundland
New Brunswick Regional Adaptation Collaborative (RAC) Agricultural Adaptation Strategy for the Tantramar Region
Municipality Climate Adaptation Case Study Report
Coastal Erosion and Climate Change
Planning for Sustainability in New Brunswick
Adaptation aux changements climatiques: planification de l’utilisation du territoire à Shippagan, Le Goulet et Bas-Caraquet
Preparedness for Climate Change: A Survey of ACAS Communities
Profil des projets d’adaptation aux changements climatiques du Nouveau-Brunswick
Profil des projets sur l’adaptation aux changements climatiques au Nouveau-Brunswick
Managing Groundwater Resources:  Assessing the impact of climate change on salt-water intrusion of coastal aquifers in Atlantic Canada
Economic Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts on New Brunswick-Nova Scotia Transport Corridor
Updated Sea-Level Rise and Flooding Estimates for New Brunswick Coastal Sections

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