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Insurance Issues in Atlantic Canada
Lidar processing and Flood Risk Mapping for Coastal Areas in the District of Lunenburg, Town and District of Yarmouth, Amherst, Count Cumberland, Wolfville and Windsor
Climate Change Scenarios For Atlantic Canada Utilizing A Statistical Downscaling Model Based On Two Global Climate Models
Adaptation au changement climatique
Shore Zone Characterization for Climate Change Adaptation in the Bay of Fundy
Assessment and Test Application of the Community Vulnerability Assessment Tool (CVAT) in Grand Bay-Westfield, NB
Interpretation and Extraction of Coastline Vector Data from Multi-Temporal Digital Orthophotos and Rate of Coastline Change Determination for Prince Edward Island
Developing Climate Change Capacity at the Municipal Level in Nova Scotia Report: Appendix 3 - Mentor’s Report for the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg
Development of an Urban Forest Canopy Model for input into a Lidar-based Storm Water Runoff Model for Halifax Harbour Watersheds
Stream Water Temperature Modeling under climate change scenarios
Aerial Imagery
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment- Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island
Climate Change Adaptation Groundwater Management in Atlantic Canada
Updating IDF Climate Design Values for the Atlantic Provinces: Final Report
Analytical modeling of saltwater intrusion: tests from Nova Scotia and the eastern United States
Best Management Practices for Climate Change Adaptation in Dykelands: Recommendations for Fundy ACAS sites
Impacts of Climate Change on Stormwater Management: Stormwater Management Plan Update
Hydrotechnical Study of Stephenville Crossing/Black Duck Siding. Volume 3

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