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Coastal Flooding issues
Geomorphic Shoreline Classification of Prince Edward Island
Interpretation and Extraction of Coastline Vector Data from Multi-Temporal Digital Orthophotos and Rate of Coastline Change Determination for Prince Edward Island
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment- Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island
Updating IDF Climate Design Values for the Atlantic Provinces: Final Report
Impacts of Climate Change on Stormwater Management: Stormwater Management Plan Update
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Souris and Souris West, Prince Edward Island
Survey Grade GPS Storm Surge High Water Mapping
Saltwater intrusion and climate change
Climate Change and Shoreline Protection
Coastline Change in Prince Edward Island, 1968-2010 and 2000-2010
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment- North Rustico, Prince Edward Island
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Victoria, Prince Edward Island
Coastal Erosion and Climate Change
Coastal Erosion and Climate Change
Inland Flood Risk Mapping and Modelling, Hillsborough River Basin, Prince Edward Island

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