Rainfall Intensity Duration Frequency (IDF) Curves

Rainfall intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) curves provide information on the likelihood of heavy rainfall events of various amounts and durations. IDF values are critical to determining the appropriate design standards and management for rainwater infrastructure. Previous IDF curves in Prince Edward Island were outdated, drawing on rainfall information from the 1960s through the 1990s. As well, monitoring data needed to update these curves was not available through Environment Canada's existing monitoring network. However, the Province of Prince Edward Island does have information that could be used to update these curves so that new design standards to properly handle current and future rainfall events could be developed., Project objectives were to examine rainfall data from the PEI Department of Agriculture and Forestry to determine its suitability for IDF curve generation, and to update existing IDF curves for locations across Prince Edward Island., This project provided updated IDF curves for select locations across Prince Edward Island., New IDF curves will contribute to the planning, design, and management of water infrastructure that can handle current and future rainfall events., Some of the project partners have names attached in brackets after the company's name.