Climate Change Scenarios for Prince Edward Island Communities

Adapting to climate change requires firm scenarios for future conditions and guidance on how to interpret and use this information. Climate scenario information is publicly available. However, the information often exists in different formats and is derived using valid, but alternative, methods. A non-climate specialist whose intention is to develop plans and policies requires information that is simplified and tailored to their community., Project objectives were to generate useful and relevant information on climate change scenarios applicable to each of the target communities, to produce a guideline document on the use of climate scenarios, and to provide information to help decision makers assess future situations., This project generated over 20 climate change indices (e.g. growing season length, days with rain, water deficity, sea level change, extreme high coastal water levels) for the following nine locations in Prince Edward Island: Northwest PEI (Alberton) Southwest PEI (O'Leary) Summerside North Shore - Cavendish North Shore - Monticello Charlottetown Morell / Mount Stewart / St. Peter's Northeast PEI (Souris) Southeast PEI (Montague / Georgetown) A guidance document will also be developed to help local decision makers use climate information., Simplified and relevant climate change information will help local decision makers conduct adaptation planning in their communities. It will also be used to generate hazard mapping for sea level rise and storm surge., Two of the project partners have names attached after the corporate name: PEI Department of Environment, Labour and Justice (Erin Taylor) NS Environment (Will Green)