Development of Climate Change Adaptive Capacity in Municipalities of Nova Scotia ACAS Communities.

Adaptation to climate change is an effort that requires action at multiple levels (international, national, regional, provincial and local). The Nova Scotia ACAS project recognized that stimulating development of adaptation capacity at the local level is one of the priority objectives for the Province. There is a need to ensure that municipalities develop capacity along a variety of fronts, including skills and knowledge involving technical,social,economic and ecological parameters of change. There is therefore a need for all Nova Scotia municipalities to engage in understanding the dimensions of climate change, how it impacts at the local level, and what actions need to be put in place over time., The objectives of this project have been to: select some target Nova Scotia communities for participation in the ACAS project; secure their commitment to engage on the theme of climate change; involve these municipalities in ACAS activities; and encourage them to share their experiences, The main deliverable would be a case study style of report from each participating municipality that outlines their experiences with climate change and the ACAS project., Each of the participating municipalities will benefit by being exposed to the information and knowledge generated by ACAS activities. In turn the experiences gained from the municipalities would be shared with other parties following completion of the project.