Development of Adaptation Capacity within Nova Scotia's Provincial Departments

The ACAS project has aimed at building the capacity of regional decision-makers to address climate change issues in a selection of common (and priority) theme areas, including planning for coastal and inland risks and vulnerabilities, infrastructure design and placement, water management and enhancing capacity. It was recognized that provincial government departments should be included within the institutions that were targeted for for involvement in the wider ACAS program. Accordingly, seven Nova Scotia provincial departments were identified as key stakeholders for participation in the ACAS theme areas. Each department agreed to partner in the ACAS project by committing resources and engaging in collaborative activities., To develop climate adaptation capacity within some targeted provincial government departments through interaction and participation in the ACAS project., Each of the participating departments would provide a short report describing their roles, ACAS participation (e.g. activities, inputs, products, outcomes) and intended future climate adaptation activities. The report would include details on the following: Mandate on resource management Important and relevant policies, legislation and regulations Resources within the department – budget and basic structure Any programs activities on climate change adaptation Climate Change and Adaptation Issues ACAS- Related Inputs and Activities Information on any projects carried out under ACAS Products/deliverables produced by the department during ACAS - and their value to the Province Adaptation Priorities for the Department and Envisaged Program for Follow Up Conclusions and Lessons Learnt., The involvement of the targeted departments will lead to better understanding and awareness of climate change and its implications for resource management strategies, policies, and operational programs of provincial government departments. It will also develop an interactive network of expertise on climate adaptation within the corps of provincial government.