Dykelands Infastructure Assessment-Tantramar/ Projet concernant les terres endiguées de Tantramar

Property and agricultural lands at risk due to inland and marine flooding and erosion, especially in relation to dyke flood protection structures., Digital elevation modeling is being completed for the area and future sea level rise and flooding will be modeled. Infrastructure at risk will be mapped as part of the project. This project overlaps with one of Nova Scotia’s projects and will provide planning tools to other stakeholders such as CN, CBC, Parks Canada and various provincial departments., Reports / rapports: Tantramar Dykelands and Vulnerability Assessment Project: Water Levels Report (February 2011) Coastal Dykelands in the Tantramar Area : Impacts of Climate Change on Dyke Erosion and Flood Risk (NB-2011) Tantramar-Coastal Dykelands-Impacts of Climate Change-MtA-French-Summary-2011 Economic Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts on New Brunswick-Nova Scotia Transport Corridor - Phase 1 (NB-2012) Tantramar-Forecasting Economic Damages-MtA-2012 Agricultural Adaptation Strategy for the Tantramar Region (NB-2011) Tantramar-Communicating Risk of CoastalFlooding-MtA-2012 Tantramar-Risk-Communication-Report-MtA-2012 Case Studies / Études de cas : Tantramar Case Study Étude de cas Tantramar Port Elgin Case Study Étude de cas de Port Elgin Memramcook Case Study Étude de cas de Memramcook Educational Resources / Ressources de communication et éducation : Climate Change Adaptation - a Toolkit (2MB - for screen viewing) Climate Change Adaptation - a Toolkit (8MB - for printing) Adaptation au changement climatique - guide pratique (2MB - écran) Adaptation au changement climatique - guide pratique (8MB - pour imprimer) Thesis / thèse Mel Jellet - Food, Floods and Farms: Agricultural Vulnerability to Sea-level Rise in New Brunswick's Tantramar Dykelands (Master's thesis, May 2013, 18 MB)