Acadian Peninsula Coastal Erosion and Sea Level Rise Project/ Projet sur l'érosion et l’élévation du niveau de la mer de la Péninsule acadienne

Coastal erosion, threat of flooding and property damage. The project work was identified as priority in a recent climate change adaptation plan developed for Le Goulet., Future erosion and sea level rise will be modeled and infrastructure at risk will be mapped. The work is being undertaken by the provincial Department of Natural Resources, the University of Moncton (Moncton and Shippagan campuses), and the Coastal Zone Research Institute Inc. in Shippagan., Reports / rapports : Acadian Peninsula-Community-support-component-landuse-planning-CZRI-2012 Péninsule-acadienne-Accompagnement des municipalités-planification du territoire-IRZC-2012 Péninsule acadiene-Photogrammétrie et cartographie-UdeM-2012 Péninsule acadienne-Infrastructures à risques-UdeMS-2011 Infrastructures à risque-Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphael-UdeMS-2012 Case Studies / Études de cas : Case Study - Bas Caraquet Étude de Cas - Bas Caraquet Case Study - Shippagan Étude de Cas - Shippagan Case Study - Le Goulet Étude de Cas - Le Goulet Educational Resources / ressources en comunication : Dépliant - Bas-Caraquet Dépliant - Shippagan Dépliant - Le Goulet