Climate Change Reports

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Report/Project Title Report File
Saltwater Intrusion in the City of Summerside and Lennox Island First Nation
Coastal Erosion and Shoreline Classification in Stratford
Coastal Change at the Summerside Rifle Range
Vulnerability of Coastal Aquifers to Seawater Intrusion in Nova Scotia
Shoreline Classification in Prince Edward Island
Storm Water Drainage and Flooding Assessment in Stratford
Rainfall Intensity Duration Frequency (IDF) Curves
Coastal Erosion Hazard Mapping in Prince Edward Island
Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Hazard Mapping in Prince Edward Island
Climate Change Scenarios for Prince Edward Island Communities
Development of Climate Change Adaptive Capacity in Municipalities of Nova Scotia ACAS Communities
Increasing the Capacity of Nova Scotia Municipalities to Prepare Adaptation Focused Municipal Climate Change Action Plans
Construction and Analysis of Flood Risk Maps for Select Coastal Communities in Nova Scotia
An Evaluation of Flood Risk to Infrastructure Across the Chignecto Isthmus
Saltwater Intrusion Project
Wave Modeling in Halifax Harbour and its Use in Estimating the Vulnerability of Harbour-front Properties during Extreme Weather Events
Development of an Urban Forest Canopy Model for input into a Lidar-based Stormwater Runoff Model for Halifax Harbour Watersheds
Climate Scenario Development for ACAS Communities in Nova Scotia
Analysis and Mitigation of Dyke Vulnerability within ACAS Target Community Areas of the Upper Bay of Fundy
Shore Zone Characterization and Coastal Change Analysis
Incorporating Climate Change Adaptation into Emergency Planning at the Local Level in Nova Scotia
Improving the Effectiveness of Climate Change and Adaptation Visualization Techniques Targeted Towards Decision-Makers and Citizens
An Assessment of Coastal Infrastructure Relevant to the Fishing and Aquaculture Industries in ACAS Study Areas
Community Vulnerability Assessment in Prince Edward Island
Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Knowledge Transfer Strategy