Vulnerability of Coastal Aquifers to Seawater Intrusion in Nova Scotia

Project Objectives: 
  • This project aims to assess the vulnerability of coastal aquifers in Nova Scotia to seawater intrusion caused by climate change over the next century. 
  • A detailed characterization of seawater intrusion vulnerability will be provided at the three case study locations in different geologic settings, Wolfville, Pugwash and a site to be determined in the Halifax area or the South Shore. 
  • Using the results of these case studies, in addition to existing provincial databases, a preliminary map will be developed indicating the relative vulnerability of seawater intrusion throughout the province.
Project Deliverables: 
  • Progress reports of activities at field sites;
  • New long-term observation wells in coastal settings;
  • Monitoring data for the wells
  • Useful and relevant saltwater intrusion model(s) 
  • Relevant vulnerability maps for the selected ACAS communities(s);
  • Draft main report; and
  • Final main report (these results will be incorporated into the Atlantic seawater intrusion report, the preparation of which is being led by PEI).
Project Team: 

Project leader

Grant Ferguson, (P.Geo), St. FX University, phone: 902-867-3614, e-mail:


Support team:

John Drage, (P.Geo), Hydrogeologist, NS Environment

Gavin Kennedy, (P.Geo) Hydrogeologist, NS Natural Resources

Calvin Beebe, M.Sc. student, St. Francis Xavier University, email:

Project Duration: 
2010-03 - 2012-03